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What is Direct İzmir?

Direct Izmir project, implemented by Izmir Foundation with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase the tourism potential of the city; promotes direct flights from Izmir to the world and from the world to Izmir.

The Direct Izmir project, together with the institutions, airline companies, and other stakeholders of the sector within our foundation, aims to open new destinations with direct flights from Izmir, increase the number and frequency of existing destinations, to spread seasonal flights throughout the year and to increase the awareness of destinations with direct flights to Izmir residents in line with the expectations of the aviation sector.

* Only scheduled flights are available on the Direct Izmir site. The current tariff information may vary. Apart from the flights mentioned here, you can contact your travel agents for information about charter flights.

Izmir Foundation

Izmir Foundation is a city alliance constituted of 72 institutions that have prominent roles in shaping the future of Izmir. The Foundation embodies public organizations, chambers, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. Founded in 2000, Izmir Foundation (Izmir Tourism and Promotion Foundation) aims to promote Izmir on a global scale and to sustain and enrich the cultural and natural heritage of the province.

Taking its strength from its members, Izmir Foundationendeavorss to establish tourism as a leading sector in the city economy and to create new milieus of cooperation and partnership.